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Lana Johns, owner of Boost Personal Fitness, is an amazing personal trainer. I have become so much stronger and leaner in my 40's then I've ever been in my 20's. Lana loves being a personal trainer and it shows. She is enthusiastic, energetic and knowledgeable. She understands the mechanics of the human body as well as the human spirit. She helps me stay focused with my workouts, as well as, good nutrition. I truly enjoy my sessions. I work hard and enjoy the challenge. The results have been incredible.I never thought I would ever enjoy working out!

Laura Lasky

Four years ago, my body and my confidence got a Boost when I started personal training sessions with Lana Johns. Lana took me from being a very mushy mom to being stronger and more toned in my 40s than I have ever been in my life. Not only do I feel better about my body, I am also able to do things that I would not have been able to do without training with Lana. For example, I can shovel my driveway after a winter storm and know how to lift the weight without injuring my back or needing a nap when I am done!

Lana tailors each work out to your individual needs and goals. Every session is different and Lana finds new ways to challenge you while you continue to gain strength, mobility and balance. I have gone from literally tipping over in a lunge position to being able to do multiple sets of lunges with weights in my hands. My workouts have changed my posture, my balance and my attitude toward my body and exercise.

I would recommend giving yourself a Boost and train with Lana. Your body will thank you.

Karen Topchik

To be a personal trainer requires an agile mind, an upbeat approach and a constant smile even before training begins. For Lana, these are a given!

I have been training with Lana for about six years. During the entire time, her overriding principle is safety first! This is important for us middle aged individuals. For minor injuries Lana is likely to burst out laughing and then help you up.

From my perspective, Lana has four major goals for her clients - stamina, strength, flexibility and balance. While training under her guidance I have made great strides in improving my stamina, strength and balance. As far as flexibility goes she often states out loud, with a twinkle in her eye, "Your body is a mess!" I guess that my body is not designed to allow me to touch my toes with straight legs.

Lana makes it fun and gives me a great workout each time and I look forward to each session. Since I like trying new things, she tries to add a new exercise every training session. Each session is not boring since she constantly changes her mind - after all she is the trainer!

One of the things that have amazed me is the ability to exercise a particular body part in multiple ways using different equipment. Lana will adjust the session depending on the capabilities of her specific client. She has tried to instill in me to maintain the correct posture even when not exercising. Often, much to her displeasure, after completing an exercise, I walk off with my shoulders forward. Despite the temporary lack of concentration on my part, Lana has evolved me from a slouch to a more upright individual for which I am thankful. I am well prepared for my old age!

Working with Lana has definitely given my body a big boost! Lana is a uniquely qualified to enable her clients to achieve their goals while making it fun!

Ian Borsook

Your body needs a Boost to perform better
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